Sweden has about 100 bachelor programmes taught in English. The Bachelor’s programmes typically require 3 years of full-time study equivalent to 180 ECTS credits.
There are over 700 programmes offered in English, the master’s programmes embrace different disciplines. Master’s programmes require either one year (60 Credits) or two years (120 Credits) of study, including the coursework and the master’s thesis.
The educational Environment in Sweden encourage critical and creative thinking within an international environment.
The cost of study ranges from SEK 85.000 TO 140.000 (approximately 9000 Euro to 15.000 Euro) per academic year. Scholarships are available at the national level and from universities.

As an international student, you are allowed to work during your studies. You can also apply to stay in Sweden for up to 1 year after graduation to find a job and apply for a work permit. This makes Sweden the perfect place place to launch your international career