Career counselling


Career Counselling

Our qualified staffing team is here to help the students in the decision making process by guiding them on what to study by looking on their previous studies, academic results, career perspectives, financial support, future plan and so on.

University and Programme Selection

Choosing from so many universities and programmes, deciding on what to study could be sometimes a difficult task for the students. Therefore, we will assist you to choose the best university and related programmes. Also, after finalizing the universities our counsellors will give a broad overview on that universities and the selected programmes.

Admission Application Support

After choosing the Universities and desired Programs, our experts will guide you on how to write your SOP (Statement of Purpose) letter, Curriculum of Vitae and so on. Later, our experts will apply to those universities on your behalf.

Scholarship Guidance

Providing Scholarships to meritorious students is one of our main objectives. We search for scholarships offered by our collaborated universities for the international students, we then help and guide our students on how to write their motivation letter and provide other requirements for them to be qualified for the scholarships.

Visa Application Assistance

Our goal is to make sure that all our students obtain the student visa. We guide the students throughout the visa application procedure and educate them on how to respond to interview questions.

Accommodation Assistance

Our collaborated universities guarantee accommodation to all international students. We also help to arrange private accommodation to students coming with their families when requested by the student.
scholarship guidance
parture assistance

Pre-departure Support

Looking at the geographical locations of our collaborated universities this makes our work very easy for us to help our students to plan for their arrival to Sweden and to their various campuses.

We help to book for their air ticket to Gothenburg airport and provide a pickup service from the airport to the different universities.
We advise them on what to bring depending on the intake in which they selected. This is because Sweden like other countries in the Scandinavia has four seasons and the clothing requirement differ for each. We also advise them on some kind of food they can bring along based on intelligence we have on the availability of African cuisine in Sweden.

After Arrival Counselling

Every country is unique and and therefore has its own rules and regulations. We provide counselling regarding how to register for social security number, opening of a bank account, regarding registrations to the universities, We organise a welcome party to all our students.